Collagen for wrinkles, stretch marks and varicose veins


The only biologically active collagen!!!
For lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, varicose veins

Jakość Roku 2011 ANNA PIKURA is a Polish premium plus cosmetic brand, offering unique luxury bio cosmetics, based on one-of-a-kind comprehensive programme of natural skincare.

One of the youngest Polish cosmetic companies

ANNA PIKURA brand made its debut in 2010 during the greatest international cosmetic fair Cosmoprof in Bologna. It stands out as one of very few cosmetics brands running its own beauty parlours: Collagenic Renewal Clinics.

New Culture for Beauty

Respect for nature and for human skin – this is the motto of all ANNA PIKURA bio cosmetics and beauty programme. Specific and lasting results are what counts, as well as absolute safety, even for very sensitive skin. The various elements of ANNA PIKURA offer complement one another: their concurrent application gives even better and faster effects.

Co-operation with interdisciplinary team of scientists

From the very beginning, Anna Pikura – the founder and the face of the brand – has invested in state-of-the-art products which at the same time are consistent with the “slow” movement. Thanks to scientists from the Polish universities and research centres, a breakthrough line of products was born: biologically active collagen preparations AP BIOAKTIV, as well as a unique series of botanic bio cosmetics. Also speciality cosmetic procedures and massages as well as technologically advanced professional cosmetic equipment were developed.


High content of collagen

AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen preparations have a very high content of collagen: from over 70% in the Intimate products to over 90% in White, Grey and Graphite collagens.

Biologically active collagen

AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen preparations contain unique collagen, obtained thanks to one-of-a-kind technology. This is tropocollagen: collagen in which its spatial conformation and biological activity have been preserved.


ANNA PIKURA botanic bio creams

A series of luxury bio cosmetics, composed of plants, with no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or other auxiliary substances. All the ingredients of ANNA PIKURA bio creams are beneficent for skin. They are safe and soothing even for sensitive skin.


Collagenic Renewal Clinics

Applied by professional staff of cosmetologists, the biologically active collagen, natural botanic preparations and the most advanced beauty procedures, such as ultrasonic liposuction, dermo-massage, Revitalisation AP or the safe and painless laser sPTF+, become tools of efficient restoring good looks, youth and shapely figure. The luxury products used during the procedures and the most advanced technologies in the Collagenic Renewal Clinics do not make the treatments too expensive – they are affordable for an average customer.


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